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PhoneNetix revolutionizes your VoIP office phone system, turning your auto attendant
and onhold into an extension of your branding and marketing.

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Auto Attendant
+ SmartAds

A four second ad at the beginning of your auto-attendant call greeting can create interest in your hottest items or services, be a Call to Action, and create conversions. Think of it as a preroll ad for your inbound phone traffic.

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Forget message on hold. Think Marketing OnHold! Make your callers’ onhold wait time useful to them - and you. Don’t just fill the time, promote your products and services!

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Hardware players are practically useless for business OnHold content: Expensive and unreliable compared to cloud-based VoIP. With cloud based VoIP implementation, your OnHold content takes minutes to drop into place, and plays from the beginning for every caller, meaning you control exactly what your callers hear!