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no hassle

Easy Implementation

Implementation in your VoIP phone system is quick and easy.

NO hardware player! No hassle!

Hardware players are practically useless for business OnHold content: Expensive and unreliable compared to cloud-based VoIP. With cloud based VoIP, implementation, your on hold content takes minutes to drop into place, and plays from the beginning for every caller, meaning you control exactly what your callers hear!

Which VoIP Provider in my area?

In the Southeast, C Spire is our best recommendation for VoIP business.  Note that for full functionality of PhoneNetix, VoIP is necessary.  The PhoneNetix team will work with your business phone provider to make the most of your system.

PhoneNetix is the fasted turnaround in the business!

PhoneNetix can deliver your business phone greetings and Smart On Hold within 48 hours in most cases. And within hours if you really need it. If you have cloud-based software to access your VoIP phone system, you simply drag and drop your new content into place. Or your VoIP provider can do it for you, in which their turnaround time may be slightly longer.

We work in partnership with yourVoIP provider to offer the fastest turnaround of business phone content anywhere!

Can you use your own audio content?

Many of our clients have pre-produced audio branding content, such as audio logos, or even their own voice talent. Not only can you use your own audio content, you should! Because your audio branding should be consistent!  Just send us what you have!

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