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Smart Ads

add value to your messaging.

Auto Attendant + Smart Ads

A quick promotional ad at the start of your auto-attendant greeting.

First Impressions Matter

If your auto-attendant is the first thing your callers hear, it’s an opportunity to not only brand your business - but promote yourself, present a CTA, and suggest new products or services. Professional voiceover and music project a strong, positive image.

Instead of a simple “Hello”, we produce short, concise ad content that projects the image you want, and promotes your hottest product or service.

How it Works

  • Send us a script, or we’ll help you write one.
  • We’ll produce it, and send it to your VoIP Service Provider.
  • Your provider drops the audio files into your system.*

* Some VoIP providers offer software so you can drag and drop from your office!

Integrated Marketing

With a PhoneNetix subscription, you can be sure the ads in your auto attendant greeting are current and synced with your marketing campaigns.We’ll send you reminders and prompt you with ideas.

Separate Content for Each Department

You can have multiple greetings & Smart Ads for each line. This means targeting callers with relevant content on multiple phone lines:

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Franchise Owners

Auto Attendant + Smart Ad Script Templates

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