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Smart OnHold

think beyond message-on-hold.

Smart OnHold

Make your callers’ onhold wait time useful to them - and you.

Smart OnHold: Promotional ads and Call to Action!

We produce OnHold content that focuses on your business’s marketing campaigns and customer needs. The Goal? Conversions once your personnel engage with callers.  Adding relevant FAQ information can also reduce caller engagement time with your team.

OnHold time is an opportunity, not a necessary evil. Use it to your advantage.

Synchronize OnHold content with your Marketing Campaigns

With a PhoneNetix subscription, we’ll keep your OnHold content current and synced with your ongoing marketing campaigns. Just supply us with content, and we’ll keep your OnHold content fresh!

Reinforce your brand and enhance your image

What does your brand sound like? PhoneNetix aims for audio branding that enhances your image and strengthens customer recall.

How Long should On Hold content be?

Typical business caller hold times are from 20 to 90 seconds; enough time to play several short ads and promos that focus on call go action, conversions and important information. Smart On Hold content is a maximum of 3 minutes, then loops back to the beginning. If you need longer content, we can create a custom length OnHold program. However, if your call tracking data shows extremely long average on-hold time, the first step is to reduce that lag. Consult with a PhoneNetix representative on ways to reduce hold time, and make caller engagement meaningful!

What We Do

  • Write your On Hold content, or help you do it.
  • Record with professional voiceover
  • Add music and effects
  • Update your content as needed with a PhoneNetix Subscription

Smart OnHold Script Templates

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